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Title: Sex Tape
Description: OMG. Im getting boned! k. Dont get too excited! This is an old video- over a year ago. A lot of you have already seen it. (It has been stolen already so I know it is out there.) Im releasing it on the site because everyone asks me about it. So ....Ta Da! This is what's it's like lol The story is: its my ex bf. Its over- I dont miss him. Its the past. But Im glad we made this video cus its what I am about. I know this video is going to leak out everywhere - so I did what I said I wouldnt do -I split it in 2 parts. Plus this is not the only video we did. ;) Oh year! Happy New Year! I hope we are all getting fucked tonight.
Keywords: ass, blowjob, hardcore, brunette, small tits, solo girls
Length: 07:00