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My Ass To Get Cast

Added On: 2017-04-12 23:29:51
Submitted By: myles
Views: 650
Description: Harley Jade knows she has the talent to be the rightful actress cast in a part she just auditioned for. Why should a hot and talented piece of ass like her wait around for a callback? She marches over the director’s home and knocks on his door. A very sophisticated black man answers and wants to know what she is doing on his porch. She explains she auditioned for a part and was sure that she was right for it. The producer looks at this hot young white girl in front of him and asks her to prove she should get the part. She is an actress and knows you have to whore around and fuck people to get jobs in this industry so she takes off some clothes to reveal a silver velvet leotard with cleavage hanging out. She gets on her knees and rubs his cock. Then she shows off her big round ass by stuffing it in his face and rubbing his dick with it. The producer is definitely turned on. She is doing a sexy lapdance for him that suddenly turns even more provocative. She unzips his pants to reveal a huge black schlong that is standing upright. She starts sucking it. He makes her work for the part by turning into his little fuck slut. He grabs her head by the neck and hair and plunges his dark dick down her throat. She acts like she is enjoying it and giggling while choking down a foot of black dick. T He demands to put it in her ass. She looked startled at first but she wanted the job and agrees to getting assfucked and used like a slut. She has her in reverse cowgirl with his dick poking her asshole open. Each time he grabs her by the waist and shoves her down on his cock, you can see it’s just too big and long to be in her asshole. He makes it work while she moans. He starts fucking her sideways the repositions her on the couch releasing a monstrous nut all over Harleys supple tits. We think she got the part!
Featuring: Harley Jade
Categories: Anal, Ass, Big Dick, Blowjob, Hardcore, HD, Interracial
Tags: ass, blowjob, hardcore, hd, anal, big dick, interracial, hd


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